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Web Design

Logos and images make or break a website. Messy logos only hurt a brand. There is a lot that goes on to ensure images look great and work towards your bigger goal. Photoshop is the gold standard for making this happen, so we can make sure your images look perfect.

Web Development

We build professional grade, mobile friendly, search optimized websites to high standards. Businesses, start-ups, professional portfolios, eCommerce, and custom builds from scratch.

Website Repairs

Having technical problems with your website? Tired of maintaining it all alone? Halfway through a build only to be suddenly overwhelmed? Website acting funny? Don't worry, we know the code and can help. WordPress and Ruby on Rails included.


Custom WooCommerce Builds: showcase, sell & manage your own eCommerce store free from 3rd party fees. Manage your online products, customer orders, online payments & automate shipping seamlessly. Prefer Shopify or Etsy? No problem.

High Risk Merchants (CBD/THC)

iMi provides eCommerce solutions to high risk merchants. We've built a number of great CBD eCommerce websites & have the experience you need. Skip the headaches & reach paying customers quicker - iMi has you covered.

Videos On Demand

Sell videos online directly through a WordPress website. Avoid 3rd party fees & gain full control. iMi provides clean, affordable, modern solutions for selling HD/4k videos online. Launch a subscription-based membership website for recurring revenue streams.

Website Optimizations

Two identical websites can perform drastically different under the hood. This harms SEO and user experience. iMi uses analytical reports & tools to optimize speed, performance & SEO.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is crucial for any website looking for that competitive edge. iMi's ability to provide professional grade SEO in-house helps reduce costs.


We make your website easy. WordPress helps. It's the most powerful and dependable platform of its kind in the world. Once built, you have full control to make edits with ease from any computer.


Our best work is not always showcased due to time and/or client request. A few examples:

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  • WINTER SPECIAL: *$1000 Website Build (Flat Rate): Full Design & Development Services:
  • Web Design & Web Development: **
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): **
  • Programming (Ruby on Rails): **
  • Consulting Services: **
  • Flat-Rate Packages (Design/Build/Optimize): *$1000 (Limited time)
  • *Winter Special includes full web design and development services. See details
  • **Contact us for rates, discounts and special offers

What our clients say

Iliah Spector of iMi web designs is both an artist and a web construction engineer โ€“ of the highest order! For over what was probably two to three weeks, daily, we talked over the internet and the phone, searched for usable photographs on the internet and in my library, wrote and re-wrote information that ranged from biographical to numerical, sought O.K.s from editors and writers, composed words and pictures, added things, cut things, and on and on until Iliah magically put it all together into a web site. He will always be with me as my web creator and has offered to help me learn how to โ€œworkโ€ with the site when I want to add or change things.

Sally H.

Sally H.


iMi Web Design did an OUTSTANDING job! Very easy to work with and very knowledgeable and efficient. I was hesitant to hire someone to do the work I felt I was able to figure out on my own, but I am VERY happy that I hired out the work. I would definitely recommend iMi to anyone looking to set up a professional website. Thank you for your beautiful, timely work and your patience with my hundreds of questions and multiple changes I made along the way! ๐Ÿ™‚

Corrie B.

Corrie B.

Owner @ Lichen Livin'

I thought I could handle setting up my WordPress website on my own, but found myself stuck…with some iMi Web Design help I now absolutely LOVE my website and even learned some tricks to stay on top of managing it myself!

Nicole A.

Nicole A.

Fitness Instructor, owner @ Flow with Nicole

Outstanding customer service. Very quick to respond to concerns. Provided a user friendly experience. Possessed a great awareness of what is relevant, necessary and appealing on todays sites.

Tara Y.

Tara Y.

Creative Writer

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