About iMi Web Design

About iMi: Hello and welcome to iMi Web Designs. We build, design, optimize & repair websites nationwide. Our unique multidisciplinary approach bridges industry gaps for improved project management, efficient planning, smarter solutions, cleaner code, and lowered costs. Our strong client-centric approach cultivates relationships from trust while empowering website independence.

The Founders: Iliah and Nicole are proud to introduce a full-service web developing firm founded in the Colorado Rockies. Now located on the Front Range, they bring professional websites to individuals and businesses around the country. From eCommerce websites to custom coding and professional consultation, iMi happily celebrates its 2nd year in business.

founders of imi web design in Breckenridge colorado

Iliah was born in Pennsylvania and spent 10 years working as an engineering geologist before moving to Colorado. Engineering has taken him from Philadelphia, to Washington D.C., Summit County, and many points in between.

Not satisfied with the somewhat routine challenges engineering provided, Iliah spent months teaching himself how to code and build professional websites. The result was an intense Ruby on Rails project involving over half-a-million hip-hop and country music lyrics broken down into Periodic Tables of Hip Hop and Country Music.

Shortly after this, iMi Web Design was founded, and we have been busy building websites ever since.

To hear more about how I quit my job and risked going homeless to start iMi from scratch, read this blog.