AutoCAD services by iMi Web Design Now Available!


generic autocad logo with 3D house blueprint as background. iMi Web Design Fort Collins Colorado

This is “Huge”:  iMi is proud to announce a newly established partnership with one of New York City’s finest AutoCAD professionals. This symbiotic arrangement allows iMi to provide quality Manhattan AutoCAD services to individuals and small businesses at a more affordable price. This is a rare and unique service that not many web developers can afford to provide, as licensing for AutoCAD can reach into the many-thousands of dollars alone.

Having spent nearly a decade as an engineering geologist before starting iMi, the founder understands how these professional AutoCAD services can be applied toward real-world situations for detailed design and effective problem solving. This is not your backyard freelance AutoCAD operation. This is high quality, professional drafting that operates to the highest of industry standards. Let us help you reach your design goals the professional way, whatever those goals may be.

If you don’t know what AutoCAD is, it’s been around since the early 80’s and has steadily grown to become a worldwide multi-industry standard. It has more applications than will fit in this post. To get a quick sense of the nearly limitless powers AutoCAD holds, as well as what it can be used for, check it out from the creators of the program themselves: