Picture of iMi Web Designs company logo beside a very cute cheetah cub

Celebrating 7 Years in Business!

What a ride it’s been! iMi has grown from just a thought into a full blown web development firm approaching 1 decade in business. Not only did we survive our first year in business, we actually thrived! Pandemics, economic downturns, presidential chaos, cultural turmoil, Artificial Intelligence (AI), a couple old pets, and moving offices 3 times… we have survived it all.

Our client base has never been stronger, and none of this would have ever been possible without all of the great people iMi has had the fortunate opportunity to work with. Many of our clients have remained with us since year 1. Why? Because we don’t treat our clients like customers… we cultivate real relationships authentically.

Thank you all for your ongoing support and gratitude! It has and continues to be… just fantastic.

To the years to come…

Much Regards,
Iliah M. Spector
Founder & Web Developer
iMi Web Designs, Ltd.

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