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Wanted: Social Media Marketing Specialist – Web Development

iMi Web Designs is too busy building websites and chasing leads to give social media the attention it deserves requires. As the business grows, we plan to hire a specialist to manage our 4-5 social media accounts on a daily basis: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and possibly YouTube. This is part-time work you can do from anywhere in the world… so long as you have internet access. Part-time rates vary depending on experience and what you can bring to the table.

iMi will produce 50-75% of the content you will be posting, at least initially until you get up to speed. This includes blogs, price-specials, news, alerts, images, and web developing related topics. In addition, finding local community events for iMi to attend will be expected. As a part-time social media specialist, your responsibilities will include but are not limited to:


  1. Optimize content for respective social media accounts
  2. Obtaining public-domain photos free for commercial use (ex: Pixabay)
  3. Resize images to match social media specs.
  4. Know how and when to share during peak times (East and West Coast timezones)
  5. Engage positively with users via social media.
  6. Post engaging updates daily with trending hashtags.
  7. Identify, create, and track-down new business leads.
  8. Share web developing related articles over linkedIn.
  9. Must be responsible, dependable, honest, and able to work independently as well as accurately track your own billable time.
  10. Independent contractors preferred (we can help you with this process if you don’t know how).
  11. If the trust is there and you prove worthy, freedom to post at-will will be granted in which case you won’t need to check in as frequently.


This is by no means an extensive list. Since you will be the social media professional, we will expect you to bring us new and refreshing ideas on how to better our business through modern mediums.

As a social media ambassador, you will be responsible for the face of our business. This means great care must be taken when representing iMi Web Designs. Any inappropriate posts or sloppy oversights are not acceptable. We take our business very seriously and expect you to do the same.

Prerequisites: Must understand social media as a marketing tool for business. Being suave at posting selfies does not count. No college education required. Web development marketing experience helpful but not required.

Much regards,

Iliah M. Spector – Founder & Owner

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